Friday, July 5, 2013


I am sitting on my couch, cuddling with Puggie and watching fireflies dancing around my yard. One thing that is awesome about living in rural Missouri is there are so many more stars in the sky (or should I say you can see them much better) and every night a ton of fireflies come out. I enjoy watching them sometimes. I find it relaxing. And it makes me think of faeries. LOL (Yes, I am a big kid at heart. I love Winnie the Pooh and Fairy Tales).

Happy late Fourth of July! and Happy Friday to those who don't celebrate the American holiday. I took today off of work so I have a four day weekend. Though I will have to make up the time, it is totally worth it. I have been go, go, go since I found out I got the job and trying to get settled. It's nice to have some down time.

I do have one little rant for today. I switched cell phone carriers a little over a month ago because my previous carrier had absolutely no reception here. I have been waiting to get my new cell phone bill. I had the money set aside and everything. Today I get a call saying I am overdue on my bill and I will be disconnected if I don't pay today. I was able to pay it and I am back in the good with them but WTF. I never got a bill. They said one was sent. Honestly, it probably was. The post office and I do not get along. (there is a whole long back story of why which I won't take up your time with) So I am chalking it up to the post office strikes again. I wish that I had not been overdue with my very first bill, doesn't set good precedence. I am glad that I had the money ready and was able to pay it right away.

If anyone really wants to hear the back story about my war with the post office leave a comment and I will post it. I am going to say goodnight and I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend.

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